A DG-based software suite for nano-optics


DIOGENeS is a software suite designed for the resolution of nano-optics problems. It exploits discontinuous Galerkin (DG) methods, and is developped in the Atlantis team at Inria Sophia-Antipolis.

DIOGENeS workflow

DIOGENeS contains all the tools to produce functionnal workflows. Find some examples in the gallery.

Development Team


Alexis Gobé

R&D engineer


Guillaume Leroy

R&D engineer

Scientific coordinators


Stéphane Lanteri

Senior research scientist


Claire Scheid

Assistant Professor




Run the code

Welcome to the web portal of the DIOGENeS software suite !

This web portal is meant to be used for evaluating the basic capabilities of the DG solvers available in DIOGENeS. As such, it should not be used for submitting highly demanding problems. Maximal problem size should be around 100,000 mesh cells, while the DG interpolation order can be set in the range 1 to 4. Each submitted simulation will be run in parallel on 6 CPU cores, with a maximum of 4 simulatenous runs over all users.

Each simulation requires (i) a computational mesh file, and (ii) a configuration file in a specific format. For mesh generation, we suggest GMSH. The most straightforward solution is to export your mesh using the .mesh extension, selecting "Physical entities". Regarding data files, please refer to the this archive, which contains the user guide, accompanied with a set of functionning mesh/data files configurations.

As a general rule, the source code for the DIOGENeS software suite will not be made available for a broad diffusion. Instead, it will be provided on an individual basis and in the context of collaborative partnerships. If you are interested in this possibility, please contact Stephane Lanteri with a short description of the motivating scientific context.

Input files